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The way for schools, child care centres, clubs, charities and churches to raise money all year round. Bookmark and Share

When you print photos using our online, mail-order service, you nominate  which organisation receives a fundraising  commission!

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What is print2fundraise?

print2fundraise boyDownload the print2fundraise Print WizardEarn a fundraising commission for your nominated school, child care centre, church, club or charity every time you print your photos using our award-winning Internet Printing Service!

The print2fundraise service allows fundraising all-year-round - even during school holidays - and it is easier, more convenient and cheaper* than traditional methods of ordering photos. Every time you print your photos from your home computer using "print2fundraise" you are fundraising!

* print2fundraise prices are industry standard, and overall costs are lower because you do not incur petrol, parking fees and car wear 'n' tear costs associated with going to a traditional photo store. 

Your digital camera images are professionally printed via our online photo lab, and then mailed to your home address. All you need is a digital camera and an Internet-connected computer. Order 24/7 from the comfort and privacy of home - no more waiting in queues, and save on petrol and parking fees!

How does work?
  1. You install the print2fundraise DIY photo software on your home computer.
  2. In the software, you select the name of your school or child care facility you would like to support
  3. Your digital images are transmitted to a professional photo lab via the Internet, then posted to your home address.
  4. print2fundraise gives a percentage* of the value of your order to your nominated school or child care facility.

* The percentage payable to the school or child care facility is usually 10% of the value of the order, not including postage fees. Additional promotions are run from time to time on specific products which can deliver amounts of up to $20 per photo product ordered!

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About Internet Printing
  • It is the fastest growing photo channel
  • Once you order online, you won't go back!
  • Save on petrol, car wear 'n' tear & parking
  • Order from home, 24/7
  • Use your PC or Mac
  • Photos mailed to home
  • Easy to use software
  • Original images left intact

print2fundraise: the all-year-round way to fundraise for schools, child care centres, churches, charities and clubs.

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